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Pope Francis - A Man of His Word - Group Tickets

What day will my Private Premiere be? 

Most of the Private Premiere events for Pope Francis - A Man of His Word will be on Thursday night, May 17, but we can also arrange a different night any time after May 18 (the date the movie opens in theaters nationwide). By having your event on May 17, you will be getting a special private showing before the movie opens for the general public on Friday, May 18. 

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How and when do I get the tickets for my Private Premiere?  

You will receive your tickets via email, mail, or at your theater’s box office (will call). 

Once I’ve signed up, how will I fill the seats?

Our Private Premiere concierge will work with you to identify the recipients of your tickets, including staff, members, customers, family, friends, and your local churches, schools, and other non-profits – according to how you want to distribute your tickets. 

Can my Private Premiere sponsorship be tax deductible?  

Yes, you can work through your local church, school or non-profit, whereby you donate the money to them and they buy the tickets. 

For answers to your questions, call 800-585-1892.

What is it?

The producers of the upcoming movie “Pope Francis - A Man of His Word” invite all Organizations to host a Private Premiere at your local theater, and create an enriching event for your team, colleagues, customers and community. The movie opens in theaters May 18, 2018, and private premieres are available starting Thursday, May 17. 

How Does it Work?

The program is simple. The producers’ marketing team reserves a theater near you, helps you purchase your tickets and get them so you can give them to your group. It’s that easy.

What Are the Benefits?

People love to go to exclusive movie premieres. You can use your Private Premiere as a social event to engage your customers/members, and attract new ones, or as an outreach to your local community (churches, schools, civil servants), or to support non-profit orgs. This is a perfect way to “give back” and build the Organization brand. 

What is the Cost?

The cost of sponsoring a Private Premiere of “Pope Francis - A Man of His Word” at your local theater is about $2,500 for approximately 250 seats. You can sponsor all the tickets yourself, or resell them to your church, school, group, family and friends. 

Additional Exclusive Benefits

• Most of the work is done for you.

• You can stand up before or after the movie to welcome and thank your guests.

• You can distribute flyers or materials at your event.

• Treat your employees, members, and customers to a movie night to say “thank you”. • Generate local media coverage for Organization.

Sign Up Now to Host a Private Premiere! 

Contact our Private Premiere concierge at 800-585-1892


“Our premiere event was incredible. We took over an entire movie theater – 2,500 seats – and invited all our staff, customers, partners, and all their families, as well as our church, our kids’ school, and a women’s shelter. It was so nice to see the community enjoying a wonderful movie together.”

“We did an event to honor military families, veterans, firefighters and other civil servants. Some of them shared their gratitude to the audience after the movie, and we all felt proud to have sponsored this event for these heroes.”

“Our organization was looking for a bonding experience we could do together. We did a private movie premiere and had a blast. It was a great way to meet everyone’s family and friends.”

“Our premiere event was for our staff and customers, and we also gave away tickets to attract new customers. It helped us build staff and customer loyalty, and a database of new customers.”


Why should I sponsor a Private Premiere?

By sponsoring Private Premieres of “Pope Francis - A Man of His Word” in your area, you will be sharing a message of love and kindness, while at the same time building your brand and your organization’s goodwill in the community.

Will “Pope Francis - A Man of His Word” be showing near me?

Pope Francis - A Man of His Word” is opening in theaters nationwide, but we will work on choosing a theater near you. 

How many tickets do I get for my Private Premiere sponsorship?

Each $2,500 Buy Out is ONE SHOWING of the film, in ONE AUDITORIUM (about 250 seats) within a theater. For example, if your multiplex theater has 10 auditoriums, you are buying out one showing in one auditorium in that theater (i.e., the 7:00 pm showing on Thursday night). Your dollars will buy as many tickets as can be bought for that amount of money from the theater that you choose. In many cases we will be able to negotiate a discount in the particular theater(s) chosen.